I believe successful UX projects are built on four pillars


Researching to understand and empathize with user needs and goals is key to designing successful interactive products.

Critical Thinking

Applying thoughtful analysis to user problems is crucial to enhancing usability and satisfaction.


Designing attractive, intuitive interfaces is essential to make service-oriented websites stand out in their industries.


Steering projects with stakeholders of authority, and translating between teams requires tact and empathy.

The skills I bring to each project

User Experience Research

• Planning and conducting focus groups
• Survey design, implementation and analysis
• User personas, empathy maps and journey maps

Website Strategy and Design

• Information Architecture (navigation maps)
• User Experience Design (wireframes)
• User Interface Design and Prototyping (mockups)
• Content Strategy (style guides, governance planning)

Usability Testing

• Website usability audits
• User stories and acceptance testing
• Card sort testing, tree testing and usability focus groups
• Accessibility testing

Workshops and Training

• Workshop design and facilitation
• Presentations and lectures
• Staff training (in person and online)
• Writing CMS user manuals

The software and tools I use

Beyond web design

Visual Artist

I am a mixed media artist who has explored process-driven 2D work for over 30 years. The pieces are multi-layered, abstract and symbolic with occasional figurative and landscape elements.

Fiction Author

My novel Parts per Million, a tragic, funny and hopeful tale about a group of Portland media activists in the early 2000s, was published by Forest Avenue Press.

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